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Byung Sung Kim

2017/8/28 19:28:49
Personal Data
Byung Sung Kim, M.D.
Date of Birth :              Feb.18,
Marital Status :            Married,
2 children
Address: (Residence)       Hyochangwon-ro
17, APT 101-1203, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
                    04358 KOREA
                    (82-2) 703 -8696
       (Office) Dept.of Family Medicine, Kyunghee University Hospital,Kyungheedaero23, Dondaemun-gu, Seoul  02447 KOREA.
                    (82-2) 958-8696
1976-1982     Doctor of Medicine,Seoul National University College of Medicine
1986-1988     Master of PublicHealth, Seoul National University
1991-1994     Ph. D. of PreventiveMedicine, Inje University Graduate School
1999-2001     Graduate Diploma ofSports Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales,Australia
Postgraduate training
1985-1988     Residency training at the Department of Family Medicine, Seoul National  University Hospital and got a license of Board of Family Medicine from Ministry of Health.
1988              Member of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine
1997              Got a license of Board of Occupational Medicine from Ministry of Health Member of the Korean Academy of Occupational Medicine
1999              Member of Sports Doctors Australia
2000              Sports Doctors of the Korean Society of Sports Medicine
Current Status
2017              Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Kyung Hee University College of Medicine, Seoul 
2016              Vice Director, International Clinic Center, Kyung Hee University Hospital
Professional Organizations
Korean Society of Stress Medicine
      President                                           2014 -current
Korean Academy of Family Medicine
      1) Certificate                                       1988
      2) Director, Committee of Journal Publishing             1996-1998
      3) Director, Committee of Information Technology    1998-2001
       4) Director, Committee of Academic Affairs                2010-2011 
      5) Director, Residency Training Committee               2012-2013
Korean Medical Association
      1) Member                                          1982- The Korean Society of Sports Medicine
       1) Member                                            1998
      2) Director                                           2001-2009
       3) Vice president                                  2010-current
The Korean Academy of Sports Science and Exercise Medicine
      1) Member                                          1995
      2) Director                                           1997-1999
      3) Chief executive                               2001-2003, 2016-2017 Korean Society for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
      1) Member                                          2001-
      2) Director, Committee of Journal Publishing             2001-2004
      3) Vice president                                2011-current
Korean Society of Occupational Medicine
Korean Society of Medical Education
Korea Postmarketting Surveillance Research Group
Employment History
1982-1985     Public Health Officer for three years in Kangwon Province
1988              Fellow, Department of Preventive Medicine, Inje University College of Medicine
1989-1991     Instructor, Department of Family Medicine, Inje University College of Medicine ; Graduate School of Public Health, Inje University
1991-1995     Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Inje University College of Medicine ; Graduate School of Public Health, Inje University
1995-1996     Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Kyungheee University College of Medicine
1997-1998     Director, Medical & Oriental Medical Health Screening Center, Kyunghee University Hospital
1996-2000     Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Kyunghee University College
of Medicine
1999            Chief, Department of Occupational Medicine, Kyunghee University Hospital
2001            Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Kyunghee University College of
External Consultations:
1993              Department of Family Medicine, Dong-A University College of Medicine
1998              Team Physician for the 13th Asian (Olympic) Games at Bangkok, Thailand
2001-2002     Medical Officer, the Korean Athletic Association
Resident Seminar (Sports Medicine, Patient Communication Skills)
      Total : 10 hours
Graduate School Seminar (Sports Medicine, Clinical Epidemiology, Clinical Preventive Medicine)
      Total : 48 hours
Undergraduate Medical Education (Patient Communication Skills, Exercise & Health)
      Total : 30 hours
Scholarly Interests
- Psychosomatic medicine
- Development of Guidelines of Exercise for young people for health
- The effect of exercise on peak bone mass by age
- Effect of ergogenic aids on physical function
- Cardiac rehabilitation
- Enhancing communication skills for medical doctors
- Assessing the impact of behavior modification to improve health status of patients
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