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Tatjana Sivik

2017/6/12 16:06:52

Curriculum Vitae

Tatjana Sivik, MD PhD MA

Born 16/1 1947


In Croatia:

? BA in Literature and Philosophy, University of Zagreb, 1968

In Sweden:

? BA in Sociology  och Psychology, 1974

? MS in Psychology 1978

? MA in Psychology 1979

? Psychotherapy license (psychoanalytical training) 1980

? University teacher and supervisor in Psychology and Psychotherapy, 1981

? Medical School Examination 1989 (Internal Medicine)

? MD, Ph.D. (Department of General Internal Medicine, University of G?teborg), 1992

? Ass. Prof. General Medicine, 1995,  spec. Prof. Psychosomatic Medicine


Jobs (selection)

? Yugoslavian consulate in G?teborg, with responsibility for social issues, 1968-71

? 1974-80 psychologist, psychotherapist and supervisor at a Mental Hospital, Uddevalla, Sweden

? 1980-89 (parallel with Medical School) University teacher in psychology and psychotherapy, and supervisor at Mental Hospitals.

? Research in Psychosomatic Medicine from 1984.

? From 1989 lecturer in Psychosomatic Medicine at the Medical School at the Universities of G?teborg and Stockholm

Current works

..that primarily involve treatment and research:

? From 1991 Director of the Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine, G?teborg, Sweden, ongoing (

? Head (and founder) of  the Research Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine(financed by research councils, insurance companies etc.)

? Over the period of >25 years, from 1986 onward) head or member of several treatment research projects:

? Primary Health Care Project, Tidaholm (epidemiological study)

? Mapping of cardiovascular risk factors among workers at the Volvo car plant

? Epidemiological prospective and longitudinal study of Whiplash-injuries in western Sweden

? Treatment study of 82 chronic pain patients at the primary health care in Filipstad

? Treatment study of 54 chronic, psychosomatic patients at the psychiatric clinic in Kristianstad

? Epidemiological, longitudinal study of by-pass-operated patients in V?rmland

? The Asthma-FBD study at  the dept. of Allergology. GU, and the dept. of Social Medicine at the University of Link?ping

? AFA-study, epidemiological study of STD, Clinical Bacteriology, Univ. of Upsala

? "The Pain Project" at the Primary Health Care at Olskroken, G?teborg. (240 acute pain patients)

? The PTSD study. 120 traumatized soldiers from the Croatian war  (In collaboration between WHO and the Swedish Government)

? Rehabilitation of traumatized refugees in G?teborg.

? On-going research of Integrative Psychosomatic Treatment at Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine, GU


.. ..that primarily involve teaching and supervision:

? External Lecturer and examiner in Medical Schools (work medicine, psychiatry, general medicine and rehabilitation medicine), as well as in other relevant university departments.

? Extensive lecturing for national and private insurance companies, hospital personnel etc.

? Invited professor outside of Sweden: in Japan (Kyoto, Fokuoka, Kobe), Lisbon, Kina, Riga, Tallin, Zagreb.



? Founder and first chairman of The Swedish Association of Psychosomatic Medicine

? Former president of Baltic Society of Psychosomatic Medicine (Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, and Norway).

? Former president of ICPM (International College of Psychosomatic Medicine) (President from 2001-2005), since then permanent member of the Advisory board

? Former member of the following associations: Pavlovian Society, SASP (Scand. Ass. for the Study of Pain), IASP ( International Ass. for the Study of Pain), American Psychosomatic Society, Swedish Association of Neuroscience

? Since 1995 member of the Swedish Council of Stress research (appointed by Swedish government)

? Chairman of the organization committee of Ciba-Geigy-conference on pain, G?teborg, 1991

? Chairman of the organization committee of National conference of Psychosomatic Medicine, Ronneby, 1993

? Chairman of the organization committee of 2nd Baltic Sea Conference on Psychosomatic Medicine and Public health, Ronneby 1994

? Member of the organization committee of several international congresses (Jerusalem 1995; Gent 1995; New York 1993; Riga 1996; Cairns 1997)

? President of the 16th ICPM Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine 2001 in Gothenburg.

? Co-chairman of the organization committee 26th European Conference on Psychosomatic Research Dubrovnik, 2006.

? Member of the editorial board of Journal Advances in Body-Mind Medicine


1947     Born in Rijeka, (former Yugoslavia, now Croatia)

1967      Moved to Sweden

Married to Prof. Lars Sivik, two children, Rebecca Schoenfeld born 1967, Martin Sivik born 1976

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