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Yang QiuLi

2017/6/8 17:20:49


        Qiuli Yang, who obtained a bachelor degree in Chinese Medicine in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in July 1984, is a research fellow from China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and a graduate supervisor. Within the 33years after graduation, Yang has been devoting herself in the researches, clinic and teaching in medical psychology, neuropsychiatry, Chinese medicine science and acupuncture in the field of the combination of Chinese and Western medicine. Working together with Professor Chongcheng Xue, who is one of the experts and elder masters in neuropsychiatry and medical psychology in the field of the combination of Chinese and Western medicine in China, Yang established the first laboratory of Chinese medicine psychology in China and the first personality scale called “The Five-pattern Personality Inventory (FPPI)” and the scale of “Five Five Constitution Test”. The two scales specifically embody the holistic view of the harmony of body and mind in Chinese medicine, and is considered as one of the symbolic achievements in the discipline of Chinese medicine psychology. Yang is now serving as the director of the medical psychology laboratory in the Institute of Basic Research in Clinical Medicine in China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and hold concurrent posts as the vice president of the Chinese Medicine Psychology Committee and Medical Psychology Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society and the Medical Psychology Committee of the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine and the Minimally Invasive Medicine Committee of Beijing; the member of the standing committee of both the Health Care and Rehabilitation Committeeand the Mental and Psychosomatic Diseases Committee of Beijing Association of Chinese Medicine; the reserve academic pacesetter of “Chinese medicine psychology”, which is one of the key disciplines cultivated by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of P.R.C. and the expert who conducts circuits to popularize the culture of traditional Chinese medicine.
Yang has host and participated in more than 20 national and provincial subjects and published more than 80 academic papers. Her academic achievements FFPI and “Five Five Constitution Test” have been widely applied to researches, clinic and teaching, and “Five-pattern Psychosomatic Health and Protection System” developed by Yang has been applied to community medical institutions, physical examination centers, etc. Yang focuses her clinical treatment on physical and mental illnesses and psychological diseases, and provides a comprehensive intervention of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and psychological counseling based on physical and mental identification and clinical differentiation.


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