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Li JianSheng

2017/6/8 17:16:02


        Li Jiansheng, The director of Gastroenterology of the Taiyuan Central Hospital. Part-time, The member of psychosomatic disease Coordination Group, Digestive Disease Branch of Chinese Medical Association; The vice chairman of the digestive psychosomatic health Specialized Committee, Western Psychiatric Association; The vice chairman of Shanxi psychosomatic medicine Specialized Committee, And leader of Digestive disease group, etc. He proposed: Most of the nature of gastrointestinal dynamic problems are caused by psychological factors. In order to solve “The Disorder caused by psychological factors” must be a “General Medical Psychology” of the theoretical system. Understanding the psychological factor is cause, establishing the concept of “The Digestive disorder caused by psychological factors”, to guide medical model by the “biological” medical model to the “biological-psychological” medical model. To this end, write the “ To establish ‘general medical psychology’ system to promote medical model transformation”, “ ‘The Disorder caused by psychological factors’ and ‘ The Digestive disorder caused by psychological factors’ ” and other articles, and participate in the preparation of “ the theory and practice of digestive psychosomatic health problems in China” and other monographs.



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